Oh I intended to make it look as a slider bar from 0 to subway

Oh I intended to make it look as a slider bar from 0 to subway


Oh I intended to make it look as a slider bar from 0 to subway, stating that I am probably at just over the halfway point, and the pso2 sales longer I go without spending any more money, the further away from whale I will be.

I have probably spent like 90-150 bucks up to now on PSO2 because I bought the sonic variant, then 30 dollars worth of inventory/stash distance, and then dropped like 20 within an ac scrape and topped up a few arks coins to continue hand for hammering premium every 3 weeks.

Less than if I'd purchased a brand new game every month that I've been enjoying PSO2 NA (since PC launch) but still more than I'd have spent on a standard brand-new title.

Closer to subway than to free, but I'm not whaling heh. I played entirely free in jp for a lot of years, then figured out how I could bill AC via PSO2es the telephone game, so got sufficient for stock space and superior on that. Definitely didn't whale there.

MMORPGs like eso,ff14,terra,black desert simply need too learn out of this masterpiece its a fking disapointment that I only when they realeased the game for xbox started playing like 24/7 it already tock only 200+ hours I'm sure 1000 more should have for mmorpg vet who are ill paying abos like or litterly pay also play for nothing, this one is understand free also unlock and play season pass trough enjoying +they treat you like you dont even need overly pay like eso plus or enjoy litterly pay too playff14 locke I stated plus combat is on the weapons I play mad fun,pursuit dungeon Style,gameplay,crafting,Drops it shinses in evry Aspekt and I locate a fresh Feature that surprises me evry time its kinda perfect

I am enjoying the game so much myself. I've only been playing lightly though (almost lvl 50). The only thing I've been tempted to spend money on was storage, quest slots, and being able to sell in the market. The makeup are strong also, but I have not been tempted to purchase those. You can absolutely enjoy the game

You can reduce the amount although you definitely cant kill them. 1 method is to disallow chat until you reach a specific level. It's productive and simple. With bots, it's all about speed of account diversion for spamming, so gating the buy meseta pso2 chat to a level would kill a lot of them.