Beginner's Guide of Earning FUT 22 Coins

If you're new to FIFA world and need some quick tips to become a better player, follow this article.


As a FIFA rookie, earning FIFA coins can be very frustrating. To raise your coin level from zero to a considerable amount, lots of hard work, patience, and sometimes money are required. No doubt, the struggle to get the best players on your squad as a rookie can make you lose interest. If you want to make things change and learn how to make FUT 22 coins like a pro, finish reading this article.

Squad Battles

Playing and winning squad battles can give you lots of FIFA points. You play with high-profile players in this mode and to win more points, you have to play and win matches on a higher difficulty level. The higher your rank after a week of good performance, the better chance to receive more coins.

Squad Building Challenges

You can get coins by completing in-game tasks which Squad building challenges are one of the easiest ones. The challenge is about building and exercising your squad. In this regard, you buy and sell players to specific teams and simply earn FUT coins. While you're in Squad Building Challenge, you can see an option called marquee challenge which you can use to build a squad from the players involved in significant games of the week. It works better if you keep yourself updated on real-world games.

Draft Mode

One of the greatest FIFA 22 modes that give you a chance to earn lots of coins easier than other modes. You can pick top-rated players that you like to fill positions in your squad. Once you have selected your team, you play a four-step match to earn enough FIFA points. Besides, the Draft mode also allows you to play against randomly selected teams and the best available players in the game.

FUT friendlies

The alternative rules in FUT Friendlies are one of the fun aspects of this mode. There are four different modes under the FUT friendlies that can earn you lots of coins.

  • Max Chemistry mode: Where your team's chemistry is at a 100% rate.
  • Swaps mode: 3 players in your squad will be randomly picked and exchanged with your opponent.
  • King of the hill: In this mode, there is an earmarked zone that gives good points for dribbling.
  • Headers and volleys: Goals are counted only from headers, volleys, penalties, and freekicks.

Here you have enough information to start your journey in FIFA 22 as a newbie. Keep practicing and follow the rules to survive through the hard challenges!