Players with the most ratings

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A few days 2k23 mt ago, NBA 2K released a new listing of player ratings. Two weeks following the start to the new season, basketball players displayed diverse states. Some performed better than they did before, while others did poorly. More than 186 ratings of players are updated. After data collection, here is the list of nine players who have the highest increase in ratings. Of these, two players have a +5 OVR rating.

Players with the most ratings

This year, Stephen Curry's 3-point field goal rate was dominant throughout the league. He averaged 5.2 Three-pointers daily, and scoring 50 points from 14 of 28 shots in the game, including 9 of 19 shots taken from the city's central. Additionally, he sent ten assists to his teammates to help the Warriors overcome their Atlanta Hawks.But Stephen Cue did not see a rise in his assessment. The current total score is at 96 points. NBA 2K added a Moments card to his account, which brings the player to prime time as his Pink Diamond 95 OVR. Card Name: Stephen Curry-Pink Diamond (95 OVR)-PG/SG.

Below are the attributes of the Stephen Curry-Pink Diamond badge.






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